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Call for Regular Papers

ACM Multimedia 2017 calls for research papers presenting novel theoretical and algorithmic solutions addressing problems across the domain of multimedia and related applications. The conference also calls for papers presenting novel, thought-provoking ideas and promising (preliminary) results in realizing these ideas.

The conferences invites papers in five major themes of multimedia: Experience, Systems and Applications, Understanding, Engagement and Novel Topics. Each of the themes will be led by a program chair of the conference. Please find in the call a description of the themes and the topics of interest.

The regular paper submission site is

All organizers, area chairs and program chairs submit their work to the COI track which will be handles by Phoebe Chen to avoid any conflicts of interest. COI Please note that the COI track paper submission site will be different from the regular paper submission site:



Chair: Susanne Boll
University of Oldenburg

A core matter of our research community is that multimedia data contributes to the user experience in a rich and meaningful manner. The topics organized in the “Experience” theme are concerned with innovative uses of multimedia to enhance the user experience, how this experience is manifested in specific domains, and metrics for qualitatively and quantitatively measuring that experience in useful and meaningful ways. We aim to explore novel paradigms of interacting and exploring multimedia in all facets and the interaction designs that drive and foster novel multimedia systems, services, and interfaces.


Systems and Applications

Chair: Sheng-Wei “Kuan-Ta” Chen
Academia Sinica

Research in multimedia systems is generally concerned with understanding fundamental tradeoffs between competing resource requirements, developing practical techniques and heuristics for complex optimization and allocation strategies, and demonstrating innovative mechanisms and frameworks for realizing modern multimedia applications. Developing such applications may concern the design and implementation of computer systems, networks, end devices, and the performance, resource, adaptability, and usability issues associated with the target system as a whole.  Within this theme, we have focussed on four topic areas:

  • Multimedia Systems and Middleware
  • Multimedia Transport and Delivery
  • Multimedia Telepresence and Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Mobile and Wearable Multimedia



Chair: Shuicheng Yan

Multimedia data types by their very nature are complex and often involve intertwined instances of different kinds of information. We can leverage this multi-modal perspective in order to extract meaning and understanding of the world, often with valuable results.


Novel Topics

Chair: Gerald Friedland
UC Berkeley/Lawrence Livermore National Lab

research from neighboring fields and brand new topics that do not have a large enough community yet to warrant its own area. Therefore, novel topics is not subdivided into formal areas to allow the theme to be structured organically by the submissions. Reviewers will be appointed based on the subject matter of the paper.

We explicitly invite papers from other fields, such as data science, HCI, privacy/security. However, the minimum requirement for an article to be considered for review in this theme is that it places itself clearly within the multimedia community, e.g. by citing relevant work from the multimedia community and explaining how the work extends or supports the field of multimedia. Please note, this is not the brave new topic track. For an article to be accepted it has to present results of sufficient quality, just like any other ACM Multimedia full paper submission.

Example areas for this theme include the following but not limited:

  • Privacy Implications of Multimedia
  • Multimedia for Public Safety
  • Multimedia Data Collections
  • Multimedia in Data Science
  • New Fields in Multimedia



Chair: Jia Li

The engagement of multimedia with society as whole requires research that addresses how multimedia can be used to connect people with multimedia artifacts that meet their needs in a variety of contexts. The topic areas included under this theme include:

  • Multimedia Art, Entertainment and Culture
  • Multimedia Search and Recommendation
  • Big Data
  • Digital Society
  • Multimedia Technology for Autonomous Vehicles


Conflict-Of-Interest (COI)

Chair: Phoebe Chen
La Trobe University

Papers submitted to this track must conform with a “Double-blind Review” process. Details and updates can found on the web site. Please check this site regularly for various updates.All organizers, area chairs and program chairs submit their work to the COI track to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Please note that the COI track paper submission site will be different from the regular paper submission site: