Novel Topics

Program Chair

Gerald Friedland
UC Berkeley/Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Novel Topics

ACM Multimedia is continuously striving to extend its reach by including cutting edge research from neighboring fields and brand new topics that do not have a large enough community yet to warrant its own area. Therefore, novel topics is not subdivided into formal areas to allow the theme to be structured organically by the submissions. Reviewers will be appointed based on the subject matter of the paper.

We explicitly invite papers from other fields, such as data science, HCI, privacy/security. However, the minimum requirement for an article to be considered for review in this theme is that it places itself clearly within the multimedia community, e.g. by citing relevant work from the multimedia community and explaining how the work extends or supports the field of multimedia. Please note, this is not the brave new topic track. For an article to be accepted it has to present results of sufficient quality, just like any other ACM Multimedia full paper submission.


Privacy Implications of Multimedia
Smart Multimedia Surveillance

Multimedia Data Collections

Multimedia in Data Science

New Fields in Multimedia

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Area: Privacy Implications of Multimedia

Area Chairs

Julia Bernd
ICSI Berkeley

Area: Smart Multimedia Surveillance

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Area: Multimedia Data Collections

Area Chairs

Fei-Fei Li
Stanford University

Area: Multimedia in Data Science

Area Chairs

Area: New Fields in Multimedia

Area Chairs

Shayok Chakraborty
Arizona State University